Image of a dealer with a headline that reads Setup Included, your online purchase will be professionally set up and ready for use. INCLUDED IN SETUP:*
  1. Remove the product from the environmentally friendly John Deere Envirocrate™ (a reusable steel shipping crate that reduces waste).
  2. Connect and fully charge the battery to maximize battery life and performance.
  3. Proper inflation of all tires to improve the life and performance of the tires.
  4. Check and add fluids as needed to extend the life of the engine and transmission.
  5. Examine and adjust belts as needed to reduce wear and extend belt life.
  6. Start and test the engine for proper performance.
  7. Test all safety systems, including neutral start and RIO (Reverse Implement Option).
  8. Enclose a copy of the Owner's Manual.
Specific to mowers:
  1. Proper adjustment of mower deck position to improve cut quality.
  2. Examine the mower blades for sharpness.
  3. Engage the mower deck and check for proper operation.

* Setup does not include delivery. Setup Included only applies to Buy Online purchases.